House of Nightmares

We'll Scare The Yell Out of You!

We're Baaaack!



Visit Us At The

Delaware County Fairgrounds

1210 N. Wheeling Ave. 

Muncie, Indiana 47305

We'll Supply The Necessities

A Puke Bag For Your Upchuck

A Kleenex When You Cry

A Clothespin If You Sh*t Yourself

A Casket If You Die

  Some scenes/actors may be be offensive, graphic, or explicit.

    Our haunt is not animated, it is a self guided walk-through attraction full of Intense in-your-face entertainment with terrifying live actors. IT'S A SCREAM!!

We'll remove you from your comfort zone and play with your emotions. This year, you won't find Freddy or Jason here, those guys are for wimps. We are the things that cause you nightmares.

Not Recommended For Ages under 17. 

     We highly recommend you use the facilities before entering, we have been known to NOT ONLY scare the yell out of you! 

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