House of Nightmares

We'll Scare The Yell Out of You!

Frequently Asked Questions                


Below are some of our most

frequently asked questions.


Q.     What is the age limit?

A .    We don't have a set age limit. Although the house is geared more towards the young adults,  to adults. We usually recommend 16 and up.

Q.   How long does it take to go through it?

A.   That depends on how fast you're moving. Seriously though, some people like to go slow and take in the scenery, while others get scared easily and hurry through. 

Q.   Do I get a refund if I don't finish going through the house?

A.   No. We don't give refunds even if you don't finish. All proceeds and donations benefit the Volunteer Fire Dept.

Q.   Can I donate money to the Fire Department  while i'm at the haunted house?

A.   Yes. We have a donation can set up at the table where you pay to enter the house. 

Q.   Are you wheelchair accessible? 

A.   No.



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