House of Nightmares

We'll Scare The Yell Out of You!

House Rules               


 Our Haunted House uses fog machines, strobe lights, and visually graphic/realistic  props and actors as well as sudden loud noises, music  and elements of surprise.

If you have problems with seizures, asthma,  heart issues,  claustrophobia, or other  similar  ailments  or  if  you  are pregnant,  it may not be suitable for you.

Customers with pacemakers, or other assissted living devices such as artificial limbs, canes or crutches are strongly advised not to attend.

By entering you agree you are doing so at your own risk. 

*Not Appropriate For All Ages

 Some Scenes/Actors May Be  Graphic/Realstic/Rude/Explicit In Nature.

Discretion Is Advised

Not Recommended For Ages Under 16 


House Rules 

Touch No One and No One Will Touch You! 

No use of external light  (cell phones, flashlights, etc.)   other than what is provided for you in the house.

No cameras or  video devices.

No touching props, scenery  or actors.

No alcohol, food or drinks, while going through the house.

No firearms or weapons of any kind.

No open flames (smoking, lighters, etc.) 

No carrying children through the attraction.

No running, pushing, or shoving.

No Refunds 

Guests deemed inappropriate for entry may be removed from the line or attraction by management at any time with no refund and no re-entry, no exceptions.

We accept no responsibility for injury or any lost or stolen items.

        We want everyone to enjoy their experience, and continue to come back year after year. That's why we have to have rules set in place.  So it will be a safe, fun experience for all.

     If you have lightweights in your group, we can radio ahead and ask them to tone it down a bit.  Although we can't guarantee it, our actors are there for the scare.

     We have two-way radio's in every room,  emergency exits and emergency lighting.  We also have First Responders, EMT's  and Firetrucks on the scene if needed.  

    If you get too scared or  want out early, just let one of the actors know, and we'll radio ahead to the other rooms to let you pass quickly without a scare.  




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